Gathering around a grave stone, is a means of focusing our thoughts on the person who is now at rest. Someone who was dear to us, a loved one with whom we shared experiences and accompanied either a little or a long way on life's journey.

Memories come back to us, images flash before our eyes and their words can still be heard. The grave stone standing before us, is not just an insignificant stone; it can, by its shape and colour, by the inscription and style of writing, accompany us in our meditation. It is for this reason that the sculptors work is of such an important and delicate nature. Due to his feelings and sensibility, the stone which appears to be so cold and blank, will be transformed into a unique and expressive head stone. The CACCIVIO WORKSHOP has made this their aim since its foundation in 1951.

We offer our clients a long tradition of careful sculpturing using materials chosen meticulously and with professional advice. We also encourage close collaboration with each client. One of our strongest assets is the fact that all the work takes place within our workshop, giving us greater flexibility.


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